Season 3, Episode 6 – Hounded


Episode five left off with Rick answering a phone. He spends much of this episode hunkered down in the bowels of the prison talking to a group of people who claim that they’re in a safe place. Rick wants to go to said safe place and bring his friends and family with. The group expresses concern about this, speculating that Rick might be dangerous.  After a while the group zeroes in on some details: Rick’s name and his wife’s death, neither of which had he ever revealed to these people.

Just to cut to the chase, the phone isn’t actually working. This is just a delusion of Rick’s, in which he’s hearing the voices of dead comrades, most notably the late Lori. Of course it would be an intriguing plot twist (and deviation) if Rick actually did have a magical phone that could talk to the dead. That would then beg the question: who is his carrier? The bid’s on potential brand advertising practically write themselves. Verizon:We never stop working for you…Even beyond the grave.

Meanwhile, Michonne’s defection from Woodbury was not well received. Rather than just let Michonne leave, the Governor sends Merle and some goons out to kill her. This does not go well. After a hilarious message (an actual message) Michonne spells out with a dismembered zombie, she and her pursurers engage in a bloody battle that leaves all parties concerned the worse for wear.

While this little manhunt is underway, two things happen. Anrdrea and The Governor get to know each other (in the Biblical sense)  and Glenn and Maggie bump into Merle (and almost Michonne) while on a supply run.

After a pointless attempt at sweet talk, Merle kidnaps Glenn and Maggie at gunpoint and drives back to a slightly disheartened governor (he was really looking forward to Michonne’s head and sword). Merle offers the consolation prize of the Glenn and Maggie’s hideout.

That’s pretty much it. See you next week.

Oh yeah, btw Carol is still alive. Daryl found her. Actually a really cool scene, but I forgot about it until I reache the end of this article.