ORDER UP! – September ‘Comic’ Pulls & Subs

So it’s been another month already, which means it’s time to review theSeptember 2011 previews catalog in advance of this Wednesday’s deadline (9/28)for guaranteed orders via Fantom’s “Comic Book Reservation Service”. First, somehousekeeping: links tothe broad-based Fantom Comics previews summary email, as well aslast month’s painstakingly detailed introductionto how I, The ComicsJourneyman, navigate through the previews catalog on comiXology each month.

This month, I’m breaking my commentary into separate posts, one for eachmajor category: Comic, Limited Series, One-Shot, Hard Cover, Soft Cover andTrade Paperback. From the title of this post, you can tell we’re startingwith the Comic category, so here goes.

  • Tales Designed To Thrizzle – Seems I’ve missed the first 6 issues ofthis series, jumping on with #7. I stumbled onto Michael Kupperman’s”Mark Twain’s Autobiography 1910-2010″ earlier this week, which I didn’tlove, mainly because it was more book than comic, although I the artworkwas good. Mr. Kupperman gets another chance simply because the backcover contains a quote from Conan O’Brian: “Kupperman may have one ofthe best comedy brains on the planet right now.” Let’s see how thattranslates into a floppy comic. The title and cover art are certainlycool.
  • Pilot Season – I’m giving this another go around, simplybecause I love the concept. Otherwise I almost never read a Top Cowbook, and there’s some risk that they sneak a couple of superhero booksinto the mix. But the idea of a competition between new creators wherethe fans decide which one gets a regular series is so awesome – it’slike a super-low-key version of American Idol but for comics! – that Ihave to give it my love. Although I continue to bemoan the way Top Cowpromotes this thing. Here’sthe best they have on the Top Cow website, and would it kill them toactually have a webpage dedicated to voting??Newsarama has a recent articlewhere a confusing voting process isoutlined at the very end of the article. Top Cow, give these creators achance please!! Here are this year’s entrants that are soliciting inthis month’s catalog:
    • Misdirection – story FILIP SABLIK art CHRIS DiBARI cover MICHAELGAYDOS
    • Theory of Everything – story DAN CASEY art THOMAS NACHLIK coverERIK JONES
    • Anonymous – story ALAN McELROY art TBD cover ERIK JONES
    • Seraph – story LANCE BRIGGS & PHIL HESTER art & cover JOSE LUIS
  • Vertigo Resurrected: My Faith in Frankie – Written by Mike Carey(currently killing it onThe Unwritten), a mini-series from being republished. As statedbefore, I’m totally into theVertigo Resurrected thing.
  • Thought Bubble Anthology – Sounds cool, and the proceeds go tocharity.
  • Flash Gordon: Zeitgeist – I never got into Flash Gordon very much,could never get through the movie. But I’ve always loved the idea, andthis new series from Dynamite looks like a good opportunity to startfresh. Longtime FG fans won’t want to miss it. Alex Ross is heavilyinvolved in the production, although it’s not completely clear to mewhether it’s an original story or an updating of classic material.
  • Charles M. Schultz Peanuts – Charlie Brown and Snoopy are gettingtheir own monthly, starting with a $1 preview issue from Kaboom!, theall-age-friendly arm of BOOM! Studios. It’s a nice idea and worth a lookto see what they have to offer in current times.

I’ll be back soon with more to think about regarding this month’scatalog, as we count down to this week’s deadline.